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■  Dietary principles for parents before and after conception, as well as how to nourish rather than merely feed their children.

■  The foundational nutritional principles Dr. Weston A. Price discovered while on his extensive travels.

■  The problems associated with modern processed foods.

■  Vital information about water and fluoride, traditional fats and oils, milk, soy, vital nutrients, and healthy meal preparation.


1.  Dr. Price’s Research
2.  Malnourished
3.  Nutritional Principles
4.  Vitamins A and D
5.  Traditional Fats an Oils
6.  Milk
7.  The Ploy of Soy
8.  Water
9.  Excitotoxins and Extrusion
10.  Healthy Meals
11.  Motivation and First Steps
12.  Community Resources


“The Nourishing Our Children ebook is a fabulous educational tool that I will recommend to all my clients.  I find the material in all the educational materials to be personally inspiring and was quite moved by the mothers’ stories in the “Nourished Family” series at the end of the e-book.” – Deborah Landowne, C. Hom., Classical Homeopath

“The new version of Nourishing Our Children’s ebook has a fresh and very pleasing aesthetic. The clickable chapters, page numbers, and highlighted phrases for more details make it so easily readable! The updated content and photos are educational and visually appealing.  I would highly recommend donating to receive this valuable resource of concise and thorough information on truly nourishing one’s family.” – Karen Hamilton-Roth, RN

“The Nourishing Our Children ebook is really wonderful.  The writing, combined with beautiful images, really make it a compelling read!  I would love to encourage all parents, and would-be parents, to read it!  I think the information is critical, and have seen firsthand how it has the potential to be life changing.  I know I will refer back to it often.” – Katie Louderback, CNC

“This book is a must read for every parent!  It is anything but a dry list of “do’s” and “don’ts” … it is an invitation to a journey. Get ready to be inspired, informed, and provided with baby steps you can take right now to change your family’s health for the better.” – Heather Dessinger of Mommypotamus, author of Nourished Baby



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Also recommended is Nourished Baby by Heather Dessigner of Mommypotamus.

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A new limited edition children’s book, The Adventures of Andrew Price, was co-created by Sandrine Love and Mohammad Naser. It is available to order now while supplies last. The fictitious great-great-nephew of Dr. Weston A. Price follows in his footsteps and discovers how traditional societies nourished themselves for optimal health. Please note that sales of this book are not tax deductible.