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We would love you to join our ever expanding online community!  Here are all the communal Nourishing Our Children and Nourishing Ourselves resources we offer.

Please note that only Nourishing Our Children and its various social media venues is formally and officiailly connected to the Weston A. Price Foundation. Nonetheless, all of the forums, pages and educational initiatives Sandrine Perez has created are inspired by and in support of the dietary recommendations made by the Foundation.


Nourishing Our Children
Nourishing Ourselves

Facebook pages

Nourishing Our Children
Nourishing Ourselves
Nourishing The Whole Child  – where we focus on how to nourish our children beyond their bodies – their minds, spirits and emotions.
Nourished Book Club

Closed groups on Facebook

These serve as forums for communal support, questions and answers:

Nourishing Our Children’s forum is called Nourished Children 2.0
Nourishing Ourselves’s forum is called Nourished 2.0

Note that we ask for a yearly contribution to join the 2 Facebook groups listed above. You are welcome to sponsor as many people as you’d like to join by adding to the quantity at check out.

Nourishing The Whole Child’s forum is called Nourished Peacefully
Nourished Book Club
Nourished in Portland
Nourished Intentions

While they are closed to allow members more privacy, you are most welcome to join us!


Nourishing Our Children
Nourishing Ourselves

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Nourish Health
Nourish Children


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