We have created closed groups on Facebook to focus on timeless principles for the optimal health of our children. We focus exclusively on the Weston A. Price Foundation’s dietary recommendations. A minimum contribution of five dollars is required to join us for communal support in Nourished Children 2.0 for each calendar year. Included in that donation is membership to our Nourished 2.0 forum focused on adults as well. We ensure that every question is answered!

Join Nourished Children 2.0, and you’ll be invited to join Nourished 2.0 after you’ve been approved!

We do ask that you donate first, before you request to join our community. Please answer all 3 questions on Facebook in order to be approved!

Why 2.0? In case you wondered about the 2.0 in the name of our groups, we previously had simply Nourished Children and Nourished, however we archived those because those groups didn’t require a donation, because fairly large with thousands of members and we found them to be unsustainable to maintain. We wanted to create a mutually supportive community were folks offered something in return, even if it is a fairly nominal contribution.