We have found that our PowerPoint presentation serves as an introductory overview for parents new to these principles, as well as an opportunity for for parents who are more experienced to continue their education. Our 2012 PowerPoint comprises of 308 slides and takes about 2 hours to present. The slides may be edited for your needs. We highly recommend the Study Guide when learning this content.

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■  Dietary principles for parents before and after conception, as well as how to nourish rather than merely feed their children.

■  The foundational nutritional principles Dr. Weston A. Price discovered while on his extensive travels.

■  The problems associated with modern processed foods.

■  Vital information about water and fluoride, traditional fats and oils, milk, soy, vital nutrients, and healthy meal preparation.


1.  Dr. Price’s Research
2.  Malnourished
3.  Nutritional Principles
4.  Vitamins A and D
5.  Traditional Fats an Oils
6.  Milk
7.  The Ploy of Soy
8.  Water
9.  Excitotoxins and Extrusion
10.  Healthy Meals
11.  Motivation and First Steps
12.  Community Resources


“The Nourishing Our Children presentation is a comprehensive yet concise summary of Dr. Price’s work and the nutrition information gleaned from it. This presentation gently and effectively approaches how to nourish our children giving parents the information they need in order to make an informed choice. The opening of the presentation inspires parents to listen to what is said while the ending of the presentation wraps it all together with practical applications of how to prepare and serve nutrient dense foods. Of particular note are the slides containing pictures of the faces and teeth of people who Dr. price studied. These pictures give stunning visual examples of both the healthful effects of nutrient dense diets and the degenerative consequences of modern diets. To those of us who are educating consumers on the health benefits of a nutrient dense diet, the Nourishing Our Children presentation is a blessing, and indeed profoundly more important to parents seeking the best information on how to nourish their own children. Clearly, their vision of a world full of healthy children is now possible through the dissemination of the information in their presentation. Now it is our job as informed consumers to step up and make sure that we follow Dr. Price’s instructions … ” you teach, you teach, you teach.” The Nourishing Our Children presentation has just made it easier!”

Liz Reitzig, President of the Maryland Independent Consumers and Farmers Association

“I do want you to know that our preschool community appreciated the Nourishing Our Children talk very much. The director said today that she thought that it was well-crafted and clear and that people changed their eating habits as a result. In addition, one of the mom’s at the school today, who is a nurse, said that she thought it was very clear and well-presented.”

Gabrielle Hildebrand

“Our parents group wanted to learn more about healthy eating for kids. I invited the Nourishing Our Children campaign to speak since I’ve been incorporating these ideas into our family’s diet for the last several years and feel they are so important. The presenters came and gave an interesting and very informative presentation. As a result of their compelling speech, a number of the parents in our group decided to make some immediate changes to their diets. I wish every parent could see this convincing presentation.”

Karen Hamilton-Roth



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Also recommended is Nourished Baby by Heather Dessigner of Mommypotamus.

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A new limited edition children’s book, The Adventures of Andrew Price, was co-created by Sandrine Love and Mohammad Naser. It is available to order now while supplies last. The fictitious great-great-nephew of Dr. Weston A. Price follows in his footsteps and discovers how traditional societies nourished themselves for optimal health. Please note that sales of this book are not tax deductible.