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DVD Review: Nourishing Our Children

“I have been a fan of the Nourishing Our Children organization for a couple of years now. My local WAPF chapter leader, Steve Moreau, gave their presentation to a homeschooling mothers’ group and I was impressed with the clarity and compelling information given in that presentation. I was happy to learn that the presentation had been converted into DVD format for distribution all across the country. About six weeks ago I put my name into a cyber hat to receive a copy of the DVD and was thrilled when I actually won one!

I am now on my third viewing of the DVD presentation and am still learning new things each time I watch. I have shown it to my sister (and co-Well Fed Family founder) and my mom. They both are interested in sharing it with their own friends. I am in the process of showing it to my own children, ages 10 and 12, who are becoming more motivated to take personal charge of their own good nutrition.

The presenation is in 12 sections including an introduction and an ending section that provides further resources. Using bold, bright photographs and easy to understand narration the presenation covers all the major subjects that modern parents are dealing with as they strive to raise healthy children. While the scope of information can be overwhelming for first-time watchers it is presented in a way that leaves no questions as to what is important to feed and not to feed our precious children.

Having this information in DVD format means I can watch one section at a time and go back to catch important details. It is eye-opening to have the photographs from Dr. Weston Price’s world wide studies of healthy populations to compare with photographs of modern children and see how far astray we have gone. It is also encouraging to know that armed with these nutritional principles we can reclaim our healthy children and bring about positive change in our families.

One of the hardest concepts to communicate to people struggling with health issues is that they must make a paradigm shift in what constitutes truly nutritious food. If we truly follow this nutrient-dense way of eating rather than the mainstream government advice our children will grow up free from the chronic health issue that plague most adults in the U.S. today.

As we here at Well Fed Family focus on feeding babies this month I encourage you to get your own copy of Nourishing Our Children’s DVD. Watch it, share it and use it to help your own sweet babies exemplify the vision of a healthy child that is shared in the introduction segment.” Special opportunity this week:

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