Portrait of a Nourished Family

Have you seen our Portraits of Nourished Families?!  Here is another one that I recently received to add:

Hi Sandrine,

I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate your page, Nourishing Our Children on Facebook and the website. We’ve used your resources so many times on our journey ….

It’s been two years since I was given my first taste of Dr. Weston A. Price in the book, Real Food for Mother and Baby. I had a 6 month old baby and I wanted to feed her the absolute best way.  I had to make up for a lot of mistakes-unfortunately, during pregnancy, I picked up the book Skinny B*tch Bun in the Oven and decided to be vegan – Ugh! Poor growing fetus!

I remember so many people in my life shaking their heads when they saw I was skipping baby cereal, but instead giving lightly cooked egg yolk (and their mouths dropping when I sprinkled it with raw liver??!! gasp!)  This trail then led to buying the Nourishing Traditions cookbook – then I stumbled around, trying not to be overwhelmed by all of the things I didn’t know how to do, but trying something new each time I read it.

There have been a number of memorable events in the last two years that you and the Weston A. Price Foundation have been the inspiration/reason behind. Sharing with you specifically for these that come to mind:

  • My daughter is one of the best eaters I have ever encountered in toddlers. She has a wide diet and loves to try new things (the newest – our recently fermented sauerkraut!) I attribute this to getting her off on the right foot with the solids food guide.
  • My energy levels being pregnant with my son (now 8 months old ) differed so much from my vegan pregnancy diet with my daughter.
  • I cried when I received an email from the amazing farmers that wrote to tell me they heard I was looking for raw milk. It was a long 2 year journey that I searched high and low for one near our large city in Alberta. I think I’ll cry if they ever get shut down.
  • Seeing my husband become very passionate about our food and educating others around him.  It used to be hockey talk with his buddies with a beer in hand, now he’s standing around offering the guys Kombucha or Beet Kvass from our “science experiment pantry” as he calls it!

I am so thankful for you and the others who are doing so much to show us that there is a better way.  There is so much to learn, and sometimes I get anxiety thinking about all that I am not doing yet and have yet to learn, but I look at the little list of “successes” I wrote to you and I see how far we’ve come.  What a support system we are blessed to have!  Thank you (and our local Weston A. Price chapter leader – wonderful woman she is) for passing down the wisdom learned.

God Bless,

Liz Kusch

Photo of a Nourished Family

Mama holds her baby wearing heart glasses

Mother chases her daughter toward the red barn

Daugher gets acquanited with a goat.

Daugher gets acquainted with a lamb.