Side view of Gottingen minipig standing, studio shotOnce upon a time there were 3 little pigs. The first little pig built his house out of straw. And the wolf came along and huffed and puffed (a little bit) and blew his house down. And … that was the end of the first little pig.

The second little pig built his house out of sticks. And the wolf came along and huffed and puffed (a little longer), and blew his house down. And … that was the end of the second little pig.

The third little pig built his house out of bricks.

And the wolf came along and huffed and puffed but he could not blow that house down. So he decided to come down the chimney. But the third little pig could still think!

He put a pot of water on to boil, and when the wolf came down the chimney the third little pig had wild caught wolf stew.

The moral of the story?!  Build your house out of bricks.

We can’t rebuild the structure of our bodies after they have been built so we highly encourage you to nourish rather than merely feed your children, even before they are conceived.  How?  Nourish yourself before you get pregnant with this recommended diet

A photo of bricksAs we build our bodies, what is the difference between straw, sticks and bricks?

Straw and Sticks versus Some Nutrient Dense Bricks

Most processed commercial fast food vs.
Meals made fresh with love and gratitude

Trans fat, processed hydrogenated margarine vs.
Butter, virgin coconut oil, organic animal fat, such as these coconut oils via our Amazon affiliation: Artisana, Garden of Life and Barlean’s.

Processed seed oils, corn, cotton canola, soy vs.
Organic seeds, cold-pressed virgin oils, such as olive oils like BarianiWilderness Family Naturals, ZoeKevala and Bragg.

Sugar, High Fructose Corn Syrup, (processed and GMO) vs.
Soaked un-steamed dates, unheated honey such as YS Organic Bee farms, Wholesome Sweeteners and WeeBee.

Processed toxic sugar substitutes
Unprocessed fresh or dried stevia leaf such as Frontier, Nature Products and Organic Traditions.

Heat/pressure processed GMO grains
Organic heirloom soaked/sourdough, often gluten free such as Pure Living Liv Organic sprouted buckwheat flour.

Genetically modified/altered seeds
Heirloom seeds in mineral rich soil

Foods with processed artificial ingredients
Real unprocessed food, no additives

Processed petrochemical artificial colors, flavors
Real colors and flavors from food

Processed MSG
Real gelatinous mineral rich bone broth

Factory farmed animals
Pastured animals fed their natural organic diets

Processed soy meat substitutes
Pastured organic organ meats

Processed canned vegetables and produce
Fresh and cultured veggies such as sauerkraut

Processed iodized salt
Unprocessed salt from clean sources such as The Spice Lab Himalayan Salt, Celtic Sea Salt and Real Salt.

Factory farmed GMO/soy fed Poultry
Pastured, rotated, organic fed poultry, eggs

Conventional chemically grown veggies, fruit
Organic, biodynamic veggies, fruit

Factory, grain feed, GMO ultra-pasteurized dairy
Pastured, organically raised raw dairy

GMO grain fed, colored farmed fish
Wild caught smaller fish, low on food chain, such as canned sardines, tuna and mackerel via our affiliation with Vital Choice.

Heat, pressure, chemically treated processed food
Clean, nutrient dense raw food

Sugary/diet chemical soft drinks
Lacto-fermented pop, kombucha, kefir, beet kvass

Processed cod liver/fish oil, real Vitamins A and D removed
Fermented, unprocessed cod liver oil

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