Foiled Eggs

Apparently, Easter is second to Halloween as the most important candy-eating occasion of the year. I have read that Americans eat about 8 billion pounds of candy each year and spend almost 2 billion on Easter candy alone!

Traditionally, candy and chocolate bunnies are given to children everywhere by the beloved Easter Bunny. Many receive plastic eggs filled with candies, which are not nourishing to our environment or our children.

This year, have the Easter Bunny fill the Easter Basket with alternatives:

Pasture raised eggs that may be naturally dyed and decorated

… as well as homemade nutritional sweets:


Hazelnut Almond Shortbread Cookies

Coconut Macaroon Cookies

Gluten-free Almond Cookies

Anytime Cookies – grain-free and fruit sweetened

Butter Pecan Cookes

Edible Gifts

Honeyed Crispy Nuts

Carob Chips

Snacks and Finger Foods from Nourishing Traditions such as various types of crispy nuts, trail mix, popcorn, and various cookies:

Non-Food Items

Non-food items such as creative supplies … consider art kits, coloring books and beeswax crayons or colored pencils, a paint set, jewelry making kits, a gardening kit, a model car or airplane kit. And/or small stuffed animals, seeds that can be planted, organic homemade craft dough … homemade bubble bath.

You may read more ideas posted on this original Facebook post.

If you are celebrating Easter with Easter Baskets, I’d love to hear what you will fill them with in your house?!