Reverse the trend.

As we have asserted before, the trend to physical degeneration is reversible, and in this case, even in the same generation! Sally Fallon Morell explains that whether or not your child will have a wide palate is decided largely in the womb, and to a more minor degree as the child is developing during their formative years. See our recommended diet. Also, read about the importance of a wide, round face in our article: How The Teeth Tell the Tale. Lastly, learn about how the Weston A. Price Foundation’s logo itself represents the topic of the testimonial below.

A mother submitted the following testimonial to us about her experience of reversing the trend. The first photograph is of her first son captured as a baby. Notice his relatively narrow face. The photograph below is of her second son, whose face is significantly wider.

Brothers - First Son


“My sons are now 3½ and 4 months. With my first pregnancy, my focus was on making sure I had a natural birth. I put all my energy into planning a home birth and avoiding medical interventions. At the time, I thought that was the very best thing I could do for my child. I knew nutrition was important too, but thought getting my required protein from a fast-food drive through was good enough.

About a year after my first son was born, I discovered Dr. Price’s research. My family started slowly incorporating his principles into our eating habits and by the time my second pregnancy came around I was much more prepared. I’d start off my day with a smoothie made with lots of raw milk, frozen organic berries, a raw, pastured egg and egg yolk, cod liver oil, and coconut oil. I started buying all our meat food locally from farms stocked with pasture-raised animals.  I made and drank homemade kombucha, cooked our vegetables in broth, and loaded up everything I could with good-quality butter. While looking through baby photos of my first, I’m amazed by the difference in their head shapes.

But it doesn’t take a comparison of the two – everyone notices and comments in general on how wide my second son’s head is! And I just say thank you! We still have a long way to go in our family and so many more habits we need to adopt from Dr. Price’s research. But it’s so great to see such a difference from the small changes we’ve been able to make so far.”

Following are more photographs of the first son as he has developed.

Brothers - First Son

Brothers - First Son

Following are more photographs of the second son.

Mother and Second Son

Brothers 6
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