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Matt and Betsy Jabs, authors of DIY Natural Household Cleaners, would answer with a resounding “Yes!” They are offering our community 20% off of their ebook, which means it is less than 8.00 for their 60+ recipes.  Use coupon code “nourish”.  The offer expires February 28, 2013.

They highlight the following benefits:

  1. You will reduce toxic chemicals in your home.  They were tired of all the toxic chemicals in store bought cleaners so they did something about it! All the recipes in their book use non-toxic, natural ingredients such as baking soda, white vinegar, washing soda, borax, salt, hydrogen peroxide 3%, lemon juice, liquid castile soap, citric acid and essential oils.
  2. It is better for the environment! They encourage us to vote with our dollars by making our own products and kicking big chemical companies to the curb, while being a better steward of our earth.

Of course, I am on board with all that but, if you are like me, you may be thinking:

Why not just buy non-toxic products from the health food store?

The authors explain that by making the household cleaners yourself you will:

Save hundreds of dollars or more

That definitely caught my attention! They have specifically designed their recipes to save money yet be easy and effective. By using just a handful of the recipes in the book they’ve created you will save your family hundreds of dollars every year …  and the more you make the more you’ll save!

  • Commercial dishwashing soaps are about $16/gallon or $0.13/ounce. The homemade liquid recipe will cost only $1.25 for 136 ounces which is less than $0.01/ounce. That is a savings of over $0.12/ounce or 1,200%!
  • Another example: Commercial dishwashing detergent costs approximately $0.07/ounce but calls for 2 ounces putting the cost per load at $0.14. This homemade recipe is $.10/ounce but uses only half an ounce per load ($0.05/load) for a savings of $0.09/load or 280%.

Other benefits from homemade

  • The opportunity to create and share them as a gift. Their 60+ recipes will make for great gifts!
  • The opportunity to increase family togetherness.  The projects in their book may inspire you to turn off the TV, grab the kids, and start doing projects together that are fun, useful, and educational.
  • The satisfaction of knowing that homemade is even better for the environment because you can re-use your cleaning containers and the store bought containers don’t have to be recycled and/or continually made.

But, do these products actually work?

According to Joan, a mother in California, the answer is “Yes … I really like the laundry detergent. Gave some to my son in college who is trying very hard to save money. He liked [the] shampoo and toothpaste. I make up [the] mouthwash and use it regularly. I also use the toothpaste recipe. Made up the concoction for the overnight toilet bowl cleaner. That worked well also.”

Here is an example of a recipes from the book that is published on their blog: Homemade Dishwasher Detergent and Rinse Agent.  The book includes recipes for doing laundry, cleaning in the kitchen, the bathroom, wooden surfaces, windows and walls, all purpose cleaning, in addition to purifying the air and even carpet care!

They are offering our community 20% off of their ebook, which means it is less than 8.00 for their 60+ recipes.  I consider that to be close to a giveaway considering how much we’ll all save! Order the book!  Use coupon code “nourish”.  The offer expires February 28, 2013.

What has your experience been with homemade cleaning supplies?

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