Organic is too expensive. “You can either pay the farmer, or you can pay the hospital!” – Birke Baehr

Dr. Weston A. Price encouraged us to teach, teach, teach … and it is never too young to start!

Lucky, lucky me! I already have all 35 podcasts of the Healthy Life Summit so I can tell you about them in greater detail! I am listening to AnnMarie Micheals interview Birke Baehr, a 14 year old, who was named by as one of the 6 child environmentalist who are making a change in the world. His TEDx talk, presented when he was 11 years old, has been viewed over a million times! He speaks about what is wrong with our food system.

Sunday, March 29, 2013 Free Podcast

During the podcast Birke explains how he embarked on a career as a speaker and advocate at such a young age.  He shares how he discovered what he refers to as the “hidden” production of industrialized food, and his desire to tell the truth.  He reminds us that the next generation is going to be running everything, so he wants his peers to “get it together”.

His dream is no longer to be an NFL football player, but rather an organic farmer. He explains that we’ve moved from 90% to 3% of the American population serving as farmers. He is schooled at home, and credits that as the reason he has read so much about organic farming. He describes himself as a self-learner. AnnMarie wonders how he got involved in all of this and he credits the internet and the topic of high fructose corn syrup for being the starting point for his interest!

I am truly inspired listening to Birke! He talks about the dangers of mono-cultures, pesticides, herbicides, GMOs, chemical fertilizers, chemical additives, Monsanto, and Concentrated Feeding Operations [CFOs].  He shares his experience of meeting Joel Salatin on numerous occasions and his extensive farm tours.  He hopes to inspire other children to become interested in our food system, and also to encourage them to advocate and speak up for anything they have a passion in.

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