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As promised, our 8-year anniversary week has culminated in an 8-day promotion of our educational materials which we have launched today!

There are 2 download bundles for you to choose from. For 20.00 or 50.00, a 60% and 50% reduction in our usual donation request for these items, we will email you our most recently created educational materials, in addition to the Nourished Baby E Book by Mommypotamus. These materials were created for you to learn from and teach with.

The promotion ends of June 24, 2013 11:59P MST.


From a woman who viewed our presentation:

“I discovered this wonderful community when I was going through my child birthing class, pregnant with my first child. Nervous and confused by the overwhelming amount of information the world throws at you while pregnant. I would usually wind up taking nap while trying to sift through droves of different ideas on nutrition. Until I took a class from Nourishing Our Children in Sausalito. Everything clicked! It can be this simple! I love this community and look forward to daily posts reminding me how simple it is to stay healthy. My chubby baby girl and I thank you very much.” – Z. Sombers


“What I enjoy most about Nourishing Our Children is your gift of a nourishingly positive outlook. You see, politics can be more than a little distressing. Becoming aware of traditional wisdom (i.e. fat is good for you and eggs (especially yolks) are something akin to a miracle) also made me aware of the tremendous political and financial forces at work to minimize (i.e. glyphosate) or dismiss the benefits of naturally wonderful and healthy foods sourced from naturally raised and healthy animals.

Learning from your PowerPoint presentation feels effortless. Your Facebook posts are also reliably positive and nourishing in and of themselves. I am very grateful for your gift of information, and your gift of a positive outlook. Whenever I find someone who really wants to open their eyes and understand, I send them to your site. They will get a safe place to land – and beautifully presented information that has the power to change lives.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.” – Tara McDonaald

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