We thought it was the perfect time to give our community members a financial break.

A bundle of our educational materials is being offered for more than an 80% savings, which translates to 140.00 worth of our downloadable files for a 30.00 tax deducitble donation. This signifiant reduction in our usual donation request will not be offered again this year. The materials can be used for your own self-education and/or can be presented to an audience.

The bundle includes:

Just donate 30.00 to receive our .mov files and we’ll include all of the rest of the items as our gift up until April 17, 2015.

The donation is non-refundable, and the bundle is fixed. We are not offering any substitutions for the items listed. Please note the the hard copy of our DVD is not included in this offer. That is a separate donation which we certainly welcome and encourage you to make if you’d like the hard copy version. We just want you to be aware that If you donate to receive the hard copy of our DVD, we will not send you the electronic bundle that is offered here. You’ll have between 7 to 14 days to download our educational materials. They are not distributed automatically, so please be patient as we fulfill your request.


Recent Review

March 6, 2014

Sandrine, I presented your DVD, Nourishing Our Children, for the first time last week here in Victoria, BC. Thanks for making such a beautifully done and informative educational tool. I thought you would like to see this testimonial that was sent by a local Weston A. Price Foundation supporting chiropractor:

“Every day I deal with individuals in our community looking for natural health solutions to eliminate their health problems. I read journals every day to keep up with all the research and advancements. After attending the ‘Nourishing Our Children” demonstration held by WAPF, I left with knowledge I had never heard. I would recommend attending this event to anyone wanting to understand how each one of us can improve our health by eating local, non-toxic foods and live a happy healthy life. Thanks for the information.”

Dr. Robert Bouliane BSc, DC, RTP, CPTI, FIIT
Chiropractor / Author / Clinic Director

Just donate 30.00 to receive our .mov files and we’ll include all of the rest of the items as our gift up until April 17, 2015.


We are giving away 2 bundles to qualifying respondants on April 15 at 8:00 PM Pacific. Enter by leaving a comment letting us know what our educational initiative, Nourishing Our Children, has meant to you in at least 5 sentences. If you are new to our cause, let us know why you are interested in receiving our materials! Please be sure to use the word nourishing in your response.

[Update. Giveaway results: Nicole and Denise’s qualifying responses in the comments were randomly chosen and the bundles have been sent to them. Thank you to all who participated!]

What has our educational initiative, Nourishing Our Children, meant to you?

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