I am delighted to announce, if you didn’t already know, that the children’s book I co-created with Mohammad Naser, The Adventures of Andrew Price, has been published! I arrived at the Weston A. Price Foundation’s Wise Traditions’s conference held in Anaheim in November with 200 books and left with only a handful for my brothers, myself, and the co-creator!

The fictitious great-great-nephew of Dr. Weston Andrew Price follows in his footsteps and discovers how traditional societies nourished themselves for optimal health. Join Andrew as he delivers a “show and tell” to his classroom. He will recount the travels that his great-great-uncle took to Switzerland, Alaska, Canada and Africa. As the narrator, he will teach those who are reading the book about the nutritional principles that support optimal health.

This is a story about an adventurous child teaching children about traditionally prepared, real foods with humor and art.


“I read The Adventures of Andrew Price to my 4 year old boy, and was very impressed with the book – it’s beautifully illustrated, and the story is both entertaining and instructive. While reading about the dietary changes that occurred to various cultures as they became more modern, I asked my son what he thought happened to the people. He immediately said: “They got cavities!” I was so proud of him for making the connection, and grateful for such a beautiful book. It speaks to children a lot more than all the lectures we parents can give them!” – Joanna Leyla

We were blessed with several hundred pre-sale orders from community members and the sponsorship support of:



I am giving away 2 hardcopy books, replete with an e-book, an online flip book, and a coloring page. I will ship one book to 2 households in the United States. To enter, let me know in the comments, with at least 5 sentences, why you have an interest in this book! Note, at least 5 sentences to qualify!

Be sure to include the words The Adventures of Andrew Price in your response.

I will randomly chose qualified respondents who will receive the book complimentary on January 18, 2015 at 6:00P Pacific.