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Green Pasture Products, one of the sponsors of The Adventures of Andrew Price, is giving away 10 copies to the Weston A. Price Foundation community. If you haven’t already heard about our recently published children’s book that I co-created with Mohammad Naser, here is an overview:

The fictitious great-great-nephew of Dr. Weston Andrew Price follows in his footsteps and discovers how traditional societies nourished themselves for optimal health. Join Andrew as he delivers a “show and tell” to his classroom. He will recount the travels that his great-great-uncle took to Switzerland, Alaska, Canada and Africa. As the narrator, he will teach those who are reading the book about the nutritional principles that support optimal health.

This is a story about an adventurous child teaching children about traditionally prepared, real foods with humor and art.

See sample pages at The Adventures of Andrew Price website.


“The minute The Adventures of Andrew Price arrived, we opened it right away and began to read it. It’s my son’s new favorite book and has opened a lot of discussion of grassfed milk and how we want to protect ourselves against cavities. So happy about this book, I hope more are to come … maybe a story about kids who eat their liver and cod liver oil! I could use a book like that! My son is five. When his friend came over to play, he was excited to show him the gallon of grass-fed milk we had in the fridge!” – Erika

5 Stars

“Sandrine, I wasn’t sure my ten-year-old grandson would enjoy the book since he considers himself ‘too old’ for picture books at times. We read it at bedtime and he was interested and engaged! Thanks for the support as we continue to expect him to eat healthy foods.” – Terri Warriner

5 Stars

“What a wonderful book. I pre-ordered this book before it was written and was thrilled to pick up my copy at the Weston A Price Foundation’s annual conference in November.  I was not disappointed!   It’s a beautifully bound hard cover book that is colorful and engaging.  It is a great way to introduce the next generation to the timeless principles discovered by Dr. Price.   It is not easy taking on such a in-depth volume, such as Dr. Price’s Nutrition and Physical Degeneration, and succinctly summarizing the important points in a way that is relevant and understandable to children, yet the author, Sandrine Love, does just that.  She not only summarized the diets of traditional people that Dr. Price studied, but also the consequences of not eating a traditional diet.  I highly recommend this book for children of all ages.

Combine it with the Nourishing Traditions Cookbook for Children and you have the ultimate duo for beginners of all ages to not only understand, but to implement a traditional foods lifestyle.” – Barbara Geatches

5 Stars

“I read The Adventures of Andrew Price to my 4 year old boy, and was very impressed with the book – it’s beautifully illustrated, and the story is both entertaining and instructive. While reading about the dietary changes that occurred to various cultures as they became more modern, I asked my son what he thought happened to the people. He immediately said: “They got cavities!” I was so proud of him for making the connection, and grateful for such a beautiful book. It speaks to children a lot more than all the lectures we parents can give them!” – Joanna Leyla

5 Stars

“The story told by Andrew Price is appealing to both young and old.  My 3 year old is now very concerned with unnatural ‘holes in his teeth’, or cavities, and reading it gives me a great opportunity to teach him about the importance of eating real food.  We have read it many times over.  My husband also learned new information from the book!  It is a darling book with fantastic illustrations.” – Jenny Moreland

5 Stars

I was at the Wise Traditions conference in Anaheim and this book was selling like hotcakes! I understand why. It is a perfect way to educated children (and adults) about Weston A. Price’s travels and discoveries. And it’s inspiring! When you turn the last page, you are ready to go out and eat well to be well (and to tell others about nourishing foods, to boot)! – Hilda Labrada Gore


We were blessed with several hundred pre-sale orders from community members and the sponsorship support of:

Limited Edition

Note that we’ve decided that The Adventures of Andrew Price will be a limited edition. We won’t reprint once we sell out and we are well on our way to being sold out now.


Green Pasture Products is giving away 10 hardcopy books, in addition to the e-book, the online flip book, and a coloring page. They will ship one book to 10 households in the United States, excluding Hawaii and Alaska. To enter, let us know in the comments, with at least 5 sentences, why you have an interest in this book! Note, at least 5 sentences to qualify!

Be sure to include the words The Adventures of Andrew Price in your response.

We will randomly chose qualified respondents who will receive the book complimentary on February 7, 2016 at 6:00P Pacific.

[Giveaway results: the following individuals with qualifying response were randomly chosen: Melanie, Kay Moody, Angel Knapp, Delaina, Cher,  JJ Klein, Silvia,Stan Zimmer, T Bennett, Nate]

Let us know why you have an interest in our book!