I am very proud to serve as one of the Portland chapter leaders for Oregonians for Medical Freedom, a non-profit organization. We have a rally coming up in our state capitol that we are actively publicizing. Since I work in the field of visual communication, I decided to create an original illustration of our capitol building where we will gather. I placed it in a flyer I created to promote the rally.


This black and white flyer is intended to be printed on colored paper. Here are examples of what it would look like with a blue and yellow background. I also created some email or electronic versions of the flyer with blue, red and orange type accents to highlight the most critical pieces of information.


Instead of simply sharing these documents with our local community members, I decided to create this blog post to encourage you to advocate for medical freedom in your own communities! As some of you are aware, many states now have proposed bills that would remove philosophical and religious vaccine exemptions, and some seriously restrict medical exemptions. Some bills will also restrict unvaccinated or partially vaccinated children’s presence in public places such as attendence at chuch where a pre-school is located. This translates to what we would describe as coerced vaccination in order to receive a public education, and in some cases a private education, or to even a church service on Sunday.

This 1.5 minute video of Professor Mary Holland, Esq, who testified in opposition to such a mandate, illustrates our position. As I’ve shared in a previous article, herd immunity via vaccination is a fallacy. We don’t support any of these bills that seriously erode medical freedom, parent’s choice and informed consent.

Beyond these bills, we now have what we view as an extreme state overreach. The New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced that everyone from the age of 6 months and up who works, studies or resides within 4 zip codes in Brooklyn must be vaccinated with the MMR – Mumps, Measles and Rubella vaccine or face a $1,000 fine and possible jail time. Children are also not allowed to attend school, and schools face possible temporary closure if they don’t comply with enforcement. See the mandate and the press conference.

Action Alert

Folks, this is the time to advocate! Find out if such a mandate is in the works in your state. Join the community of folks who have mobilized to oppose it. Virtualy every state has established a network of people who write letters, emails, postcards, make calls, rally, testify, and meet with lawmakers. Grassroots efforts can have a profund impact. We know that from our own advocy efforts!