Unafraid and Prepared

One of our community members, Brianne form Canada, shared the following testimonial:

I’m taking a moment to express my gratitude to Sally Fallon Morell, Dr. Thomas Cowan, Joel Salatin, and everyone in this movement. I’m 29. 5 short years ago I was vegan. Today I own 24 acres, 6 beef and dairy cows, 50 meat birds/laying hens and 2 goats. I’ve learned how to ferment my own veggies, fruit, and dairy for long term preservation. I’ve learned how to properly compost and rotate animals to keep my land productive. I have 3 perfectly healthy kids under 6. We are not afraid and perfectly prepared for whatever the markets, medical system, and public institutions of all kinds throw at us. I have a very strong sense of purpose that I’ve never had before. I’ve discovered all kinds of jobs that are beneficial to people and the environment, ways to save local economies, and the world really. Thank you everyone for the time and effort, but especially Sally for writing Nourishing Traditions. We’re one of many families you’ve saved.

How has your life change as a result of the book Nourishing Traditions?