‘Tis the season for soup, eh?! 

Here is a recipe for carrot soup as is pictured above that can be used with any vegetable of your choice … I make it based on what I learned from Jessica Prentice of Three Stone Hearth in a cooking class I took from her in 2004:


  • Homemade pastured chicken broth  – quantity depends on how think you want your soup. Read more about broth.

… and the rest of these organic ingredients:

  • About 8 – 10 carrots chopped
  • Either 1 onion or 1 leek sliced and steamed … or sauteed in raw or cultured butter or ghee, preferably grass fed.  I personally favor steaming and then adding ghee to the soup at the end.

Read about ghee
How to make ghee on YouTube

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Pure Indian Foods
Ancient Organics

  • I also use 1 bundle of herbs tied with cooking twine – I like fresh organic herbs I’ve air dried myself. You can use any you are drawn to: thyme, bay leaf, sage, rosemary, marjoram, etc.


Once I steam the vegetables until soft, I pour them into a pot of chicken broth (the amount depends on how thick you like your soup), and I puree with a hand held stainless steel blender.  I add the bundle of herbs and let simmer. Then I add ghee, cream fraiche, and salt before I serve.  You may add raw cream or raw milk to the soup as well.  I have substituted the carrot with another vegetable such as butternut squash or pumpkin, tomato, watercress, mushrooms, etc. with this same “formula” and found them all to be delicious!

Here is another similar recipe from Jessica Prentice – Tomato Soup

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We’d love to have you share your soup recipes with us in the comments below!

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