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I am going to share a zucchini soup recipe in a moment, and was actually going to title this post Zucchini Soup, or something to that effect, however I realized that behind every ingredient in the soup I made are people who have contributed their time and effort that I wanted to acknowledge first. If you and/or your children don’t enjoy zucchini, any vegetable you enjoy can be substituted, so please keep reading!

Yesterday, I read a bumper sticker: “Did you feed your kid today? Hug a farmer,” and sent myself a text message so that I’d remember to share it with our community sometime soon. This blog post seemed fitting. I went to the Woodstock Farmers Market here in Portland, Oregon in my new neighborhood this morning. I’ve been going every Sunday since June, when the market opens, and gotten to know the hands that feed me.  I can see their smiling faces as I type these words!

I was delighted to realize today that I knew each individual that contributed to the soup I made when I got home. The raw butter and crème fraiche came from From The Field Farm, the onions came from Fiddlehead Farms, the very large yellow zucchini from Mud Dog Farm [who I also buy my pastured eggs from] and the chicken that I made the broth with previously came from Hawkins Sisters Ranch via vie Carmen Ranch‘s buying club I am a member of. The organic herbs I grew in my own garden.

I absolutely love knowing the people who are producing the food I am consuming. I have talked to each and every one of them at least by phone, and meet most of them face to face.

Zucchini Soup

This recipe was inspired by Shawn Ueda of Mud Dog Farm who suggested soup when I asked what she’d do with a particularly large zucchini at her booth. I was afraid it would go bad before I could eat it all. I based this soup on other my standard vegetable soup recipe.


Pastured butter – to taste! I used raw. butter, even though I was heating it
Organic onions – generally I use one, but today I used all the red onion bulbs I had
Organic zucchini – I used one large 12″ yellow one, referred to as Golden Zucchini
Homemade chicken broth – I used a quart
Herbs – I used thyme, however any herbs or a bundle of herbs works well!


In a sauce pan or dutch over, sauté onion rounds in butter until soft. Add Zucchini slices, herbs, and cover on low heat. Simmer until soft. Add chicken broth, simmer a bit more. When all of the ingredients are soft, use a hand held blender to blend until smooth, or a bit chunky if you prefer. Top with creme friache and freshly grated nutmeg or cinnamon.

The butter and crème fraiche I used made by From The Field Farm:

From The Field Farm v5

The zucchini soup making process:

Zucchini Soup 8

Zucchini Soup 12

Zucchini Soup 16

Zucchini Soup 17

Zucchini Soup 25


Zucchini Soup 49 v2

Do you shop at a famers market? What has your experience been?