You know you’re a Wise Traditions foodie when your phone is full of pictures of your children’s meals!

This picture was shared by one of our community members in our Nourished Children group on Facebook, with the following comment, “Just wanted to say hello and share my toddler’s dinner. Organic/local beef liver, carrots in ghee, homemade sauerkraut and cooked apples with cinnamon, nutmeg and turmeric. What nutrient dense foods are your little ones having tonight?”  If you haven’t already, request to join our support group and view photos of children of all ages eating the kind of nutrient-dense meals we recommend!

I used this introduction to share about the Weston A. Price Foundation’s Wise Traditions Conference because it is an excellent opportunity to learn about how to nourish ourselves and our children. This year the conference, focused on “Taking Our Health to New Heights”, will be held in Minneapolis, MN November 10-13. Of particular interest to our community are the following talks focused on fertility and/or children:

Carrie Clark, DC: Baby Body Brain: A Traditional Approach to Nutrition and Optimal Development from Preconception through the Early Years

Carrie Clark, DC: How to Nourish your Family without Losing Your Mind

Cilla Whatcott, PhD, HD, RHom, CCH: Real Immunity: Educate the Immune System Using Homeoprophylaxis

Tim O’Shea, DC: Detoxification Protocol for Autistics and Other Vaccine Injured

Pam Schoenfeld, RD: Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

See the full conference schedule which features a number of talks on hormonal health this year. There are 36 scheduled speakers, 19 of whom are presenting for the first time and there rest of whom are mainly presenting on new topic. To make the conference more affordable, this year the Weston A. Price Foundation is offering day, weekend an full conference passes. In addition, you can attend an all-day seminar on traditional diets presented by Sally Fallon Morell with lunch included for $60. There is an educational children’s program available as well and a discount offered to one parent of a children enrolled in children’s program.

This year will be my thirteenth conference! Why do I keep going back?

I find it to be a deeply nourishing experience on all levels! It is educational, with new content being presented every year. It is a family reunion of sorts whereby I visit with people in our community that I’ve developed relationships with over the years. I meet new people as well, and enjoy that so much! I love the communal meals, and not having to worry about whether the chef is using vegetable oils, or if the animals have been fed soy, or worse. I know that the conference organizers only choose hotels that make their own homemade broth. I highly recommend the conference as an opportunity to learn, to connect, and to be inspired.


The Weston A. Price Foundation has generously offered me a full conference registration to giveaway! This would cost $480 for non-members registering before September 17.

To enter:

1. Let me know why you’d like to attend in at least 5 sentences in the comments and

2. Be sure to include the words Wise Traditions in your comment!

Do both in order to quality to be randomly chosen. Enter by Sunday, September 10 at midnight Pacific. See the official rules for disclosures.

Results: Nancy Eason’s qualifying response was randomly chosen.