Becky Audet Comeau explains that this photo above was captured “when food was food and we grew almost everything we ate, and food was homemade. My parents also drove 10 miles round trip to buy raw milk. This would have been 1953 or so. I’ll be 68 in a few weeks. Which proves it’s never too late to start, or go back to what you knew as a child.” Today, Becky posted in our Nourished Children forum on Facebook, and her words moved me to tears. I’ve been supporting community members like her for 12 years and this is what makes it all worthwhile:

I so appreciate this group and I have learned so much! Thank you all for the things that you contribute. Our dietary habits have changed 180° and we are all the healthier for it. I am an active grandmother in my eight-year-old grandson’s life and now fix him a wonderful breakfast every day of sausage and farm eggs cooked in a tablespoon of excellent butter. That plus a spoonful of cod liver oil and a glass of raw milk and he is off to school. He is looking and feeling healthier and his eczema and other skin conditions have completely cleared up. I also make his school lunch now and pack healthy nutritious foods in it. We do give him the option of school hot lunch maybe once a month, and in printing that menu today, I saw that the children have an option of either low-fat or 1% milk. It made my blood boil to see how government interference has negatively affected the school lunch programs. Our refrigerator is filled with raw milk that we get here in Colorado Springs and we are so blessed to have this. Thank you again, we are still learning!

She went on to add:

You have influenced me deeply and I’ve subsequently been able to influence others. I know now this message is carried one-by-one to those who are willing to dig for information and challenge the SAD [Standard American Diet]. It’s work to change deeply imbedded ways and ideas. Just for the fun of it, I made a list of the things and foods we have changed. It’s now over 35 things. Some small, like the kind of salt we buy. Some are huge, like the water purification system and shower filters we installed. The goal is gut and complete health. I could not have done it without you.

I asked for her list and she provide it, with this explanation:

Some things are doubles because I list what I used to use and what I’ve changed to. I think this is about it and most of this since about March of this year.

1. No processed food, everything is homemade
2. Raw milk from a local farmer
3. Farm eggs from a different local farmer
4. Organic everything including bananas
5. Grass fed beef (we bought a split quarter from a local rancher)
6. Organic chicken, locally sourced
7. No more supermarket meats at all (actually buy little from supermarkets in general)
8. Eating liver and lots of it
9. Organic butter and lots of it
10. No artificial or vegetable oils
11. Using avocado or olive oil
12. Lard for pie crust (no crisco)
13. Organic flour (no roundup) and sprouted when I can get it.
14. Butter in baked goods
15. Heat popped organic popcorn
16. Discontinued use of microwave (threw it out)
17. No sugary cereals. Limit grains in general.
18. Emphasis on low sugar food in general
19. No Fake Food [Emphasis is Becky’s]
20. No fast food
21. Homemade ice cream
22. Plain, organic, full fat yogurt or homemade
23. No more orange juice or juice of any kind [Article]
24. Making fermented foods
25. Kombucha
26. Bone broths
27. Locally or single sourced honey, maple syrup, olive oil
28. Grinding coffee beans, Parmesan cheese, other cheeses, bread
29. Discontinued use of antibacterial soap
30. Using natural based soaps (olive)
31. Avoiding chemicals in personal and skin care products
32. Discontinued use of most commercial toothpaste, and nothing with fluoride
33. Homemade almond milk
34. Nothing GMO
35. Water filters in showers
36. Water purifier for drinking water
37. Threw out my cookware and replaced them with cast iron

When and how did you learn about us, I asked?

About me. 3-4 years ago I lived in Florida and was attending a nutrition [talk] at a local chiropractors office. He was all about Sally Fallon’s teachings and was attending her seminars. I thought it was great and true information but did not fully grasp the importance of it all. My life got crazy and I backslid. Fast forward to last October. In complete desperation with obesity, I joined Weight Watchers. I did well but soon became disillusioned with fake food and the empty nutrition they espouse. I started searching and saw something that triggered what I had learned in Florida. So we bought all of [Sally Fallon Morell’s] books and jumped in. I just followed the trail of breadcrumbs and became a student of the Weston A. Price Foundation and their teachings. The information and assistance is all there but you have to be willing to cleanse your mind of all if the misinformation. By the way, I’ve now lost 55 pounds and I’m loving the butter.

I think that is a positive note to end on!