This was posted by Mark McAfee of Organic Pastures Dairy, since renamed Raw Farm, on Facebook in 2013.

Analysis using the experimental method steps is shown below.

Step 1: Make Observations.
Raw milk is a living food with active ingredients. Pasteurized milk is filled with dead bacteria, denatured proteins, destroyed enzymes, and more. Raw milk can be utilized outside refrigeration, as has been done for centuries, to make many types of healthy dairy products. However, when pasteurized milk is allowed to “grow” in a non-refrigerated environment, mold and other strange things appear.

Step 2: Form a hypothesis.
When raw milk and pasteurized milk (organic or conventional) are left at room temperature, bacteria grows naturally. Raw milk continues to be appear normal, be enjoyable, and be a safe product to consume. Pasteurized milk becomes moldy and unsafe to consume.

Step 3: Make a prediction.
Raw milk will become a sour cream or separated cheese-like product (safe to consume and enjoy). Pasteurized milk becomes rancid and harmful to consume. Raw milk will become an edible, enjoyable, product safe to consume.

Step 4: Perform an experiment. (Picture Proof)
The 5 jars were all filled on the same day. I prefer not to reveal the brand name on the labels but two are conventional milk brands and two are organic milk brands. The whole milk is “Jersey cow” milk from cows that live on grass. Jars were all sterilized before the experiment. I tightened all the lids and then backed them off a half turn.

I have done this experiment before and I am absolutely stunned at how little remains of what is labeled “whole milk.” Isn’t this blatantly dishonest labeling? Additionally, I consistently see that the UHT (Ultra High Temp. Pasteurized milk) goes bad fastest.

Step 5: Analyze the results of the experiment.
See mold growth/ pictures. The mold on lids show an estimate for the quantity of mold growth inside each jars.

Mold Growth Levels:
Raw Whole Milk: NO MOLD
Pasteurized Whole Milk: Medium mold levels
Pasteurized 2% Milk: HIGH mold levels
Pasteurized Organic Whole Milk: Medium mold levels
ULTRA High Temp Pasteurized 2 % Milk: EXTREMELY HIGH mold levels

Step 6: Draw a conclusion.
Drink raw milk. It is a living, bio-diverse perfect food. On that note, drink Organic Pastures Dairy Raw Milk for the best, most delicious raw milk I have ever tasted.

What are your thoughts on this? Would you want to consume a product that is not going to thrive inside your warm body (like room temperature environment)?