Rebecca and her family 

Meet the Hazeltons: Rebecca, her husband and child.

Introduction: please provide an overview about you and your family: “I am a nutritionist, my husband is a web developer. We are in our early 30’s and had our first child 19 months ago.”

What are the ways you nourish rather than merely feed your family? “I cook most all of our meals. We do not eat processed foods. We eat pastured meats, raw dairy, local organic veggies and fruits, ferment our own veggies, eat homemade soup regularly and drink filtered water.”

What were your first steps? “It has been awhile! Cooking at home more and gradually weaning off of pre-made sauces. Shopping at farmer’s markets, buying raw dairy from a local farm, switching to pastured meats and getting eggs from a nearby farm.”

How do you know you and your family are well nourished? “We feel great!”

What are some of your favorite meals or favorite foods? 1. Grassfed beef short ribs with zucchini cooked in red palm oil 2. Duck eggs over easy on top of spinach 3. Protein pancakes (duck eggs, almond meal, coconut oil, cinnamon, butter)

What pearls of wisdom would you offer those new to these principles? Learn to enjoy the taste of real foods, give your taste buds time to acclimate. Go visit a nearby farm to learn respect and where your food comes from. Get recipe suggestions from other family members and learn how to substitute poor quality ingredients for quality ingredients.

Final thoughts?! It feels so good to know that we are taking care of our bodies and the environment at the same time. I take great pride that my daughter is growing up on quality foods that are prepared healthily with lots of good fats!

Rebecca and her famikly

Rebecca and her family
Author: Rebecca Rovay-Hazelton
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Sandrine’s note: I have asked Rebecca to share a recipe with us … so there may be an update coming soon!