2012 Year in Review

A few highlights:

  • We were at the Weston A. Price Foundation’s Annual Wise Traditions Conference for the ninth consecutive year!
  • We produced “Spoken Glass” bottles and a butter dish. See the colored bottles.
  • We grew to over 16,600 Facebook followers – an increase of 6,600 from last year at this time.
  • I created the Nutritional Wisdom Book Club on Facebook which now has over 1,700 members. We read Nutrition and Physical Degeneration by Dr. Weston A. Price this year, as well as Deep Nutrition, The Coconut Miracle and are currently on Wheat Belly.
  • Educational Materials – I revised our PowerPoint, Study Guide, and created a brand new ebook. I revised the Nourished Baby ebook written by Heather Dessinger of Mommypotamus. I created a food pyramid comparison chart that proved to be the most popular item at the Wise Traditions conference.  All of these items, that were offered at the conference, will be available on our website soon after the New Year.
  • We launched an affiliate program.
  • NaturalNews requested that our DVD be featured on the NaturalNews website.
  • We moved past 2,100 in donation receipts – over 525 of which were made this year! That means more and more people have our educational materials – which is the whole point, eh?!
  • I continued to blog at my own sustainable pace – 42 new posts, and included several guest bloggers!
  • Since we are at the end of 2012, our 12 most viewed posts to date are:
    1. How The Teeth Tell The Tale
    2. If GAPS™ hasn’t worked for you or yours, read this.
    3. The Optimal Diet for Pregnant and Nursing Mothers
    4. Girl Scout Cookies or Chemicals?
    5. How do you define “Processed Foods”?
    6. Nourishing Babies and Toddlers
    7. Why Eliminate Soy and Pasteurized Milk?
    8. Baby’s First Foods – When and What?!
    9. “If I can’t make it, we don’t eat it”
    10. Nutrient Dense Baby Formula
    11. A Nutritionist’s Weight Loss Saga
    12. Circumcision: A Very Personal Choice


First and foremost, a standing ovation of gratitude to Jacqueline Hahn whose initial financial support started it all, and without whom Nourishing Our Children may not have been established.

Each of our donors whose contributions ensure we remain sustainable.

Karen Hamilton-Roth whose partnership at the conference was invaluable, who answered Facebook inquiries weekly for a period of time, who partnered with me on producing merchandise and who presented locally!

Riki Juster, who served us as Operations Manager for part of the year and Katie Louderback who is currently managing all of our educational materials distribution and communication and presented last year.

Our volunteer presenters: Deborah Landowne, Carla Hernandez and Lenaya Pongon. Carla and Katie also lent a hand on Facebook with inquiries.

Sally Fallon Morell who enabled us to exhibit at the conference, and who expertly edited our educational materials.

David and Barbara Wetzel of Green Pasture Products for their continued overwhelming generosity in support of our cause.

Randy Hartnell of Vital Choice, who lends a hand whenever asked!

All those who participate on Facebook, teach using our educational materials, comment on our blog posts and contribute in any way to the community that we have formed.  If you are reading this post, that is you!