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New Year Promotion!

New is the operative word.

We have newly revised and brand new educational materials we want you to have in order to learn and teach! What’s new?

  • A brand new Nourishing Our Children ebook and a revised version of Nourished Baby by Mommypotamus.
  • A Food Pyramid Comparison Chart that proved to be the most popular item at the Wise Traditions Conference in 2012.
  • A newly revised PowerPoint and Study Guide.

The promotion is a 25% to 40% reduction in our usual donation request! It ends February 1, 2012.


  • The last time I revised our PowerPoint was in 2007 and we called it the 2008 version. That was 107 slides. The 2012 version is 308 slides. It still takes about the same amount of time to present – about 2 hours, however the presenter’s notes have been spread apart many more slides for more visual content for the presenter and the audience to relate to!
  • There is an updated milk section with a focus on raw milk safety.
  • There are questions in every section to solicit the audience’s participation.
  • The PowerPoint matches the aesthetic of our DVD. Virtually every photo and illustration has been replaced since the previous version.
  • We consider this to be a much more captivating and motivational presentation!  Several testimonials from our Nourished Families series are included.

Study Guide

Completely revised to correspond with the PowerPoint, and can be used with the DVD and audio book as well. If you plan to present or teach, we consider this a must-have!

E Book

The previous version of our ebook consisted of a .pdf the slides and notes from our PowerPoint. This brand new ebook is in a traditional ebook format, with links to additional resources in every chapter.

“The new version of Nourishing Our Children’s ebook has a fresh and very pleasing aesthetic. The clickable chapters, page numbers, and highlighted phrases for more details make it so easily readable! The updated content and photos are educational and visually appealing.  I would highly recommend donating to receive this valuable resource of concise and thorough information on truly nourishing one’s family.” – Karen Hamilton-Roth, RN

Nourished Baby

Here is my review:

“Wearing both my Nourishing Our Children Executive and Creative Director hats, I approached Heather Dessinger about her ebook, Nourished Baby, in order to see if she was open to a collaborative redesign in order to restructure the layout for greater clarity and consistency. I also wanted to increase the overall sense of aesthetic by editing some of the existing photographs and adding more to illustrate the content. I hoped to include her book as one of the educational materials we offer the community. It was the first time since I launched our educational initiative in 2005 that I approached another author in this way. I thought Nourished Baby was a very complimentary addition to our materials, loved what I experienced as Heather’s very personable writing style and the fact that she wrote from first hand experience. Since we are a project of the San Francisco Chapter of The Weston A. Price Foundation, I asked Sally Fallon Morell, president of the Foundation, if she was comfortable with the notion that we would promote and offer Nourished Baby along with our materials. She approved, and Heather and I embarked on creating the revised version of Nourished Baby which we launched at the 2012 Wise Traditions conference. It has not only been completely redesigned but, includes new content – mainly in the form of new recipes. It has been very well received! Some who already had the originally copy of Nourished Baby choose to donate to receive the new version. I am incredibly proud of our collaborative effort. I think it is an invaluable addition to Nourishing Our Children’s educational materials and envision it will serve to be transformative for those who are new to the principles Heather recommends for how to nourish our babies.”

Food Pyramid Comparison Chart

One of our newest and most popular educational materials! Our 12” x 18” chart is 2 sided. Side 1 – A side by side visual comparison of the dietary recommendations put forth by the United States Government, and our proposed version – which would be to put their pyramid upside down! Side 2 – A overview explanation of the our dietary recommendations as is illustrated in food pyramid.

Again, our promotion is a 25% to 40% reduction in our usual donation request depending on the appreciation gifts ordered! Promotion ends February 1, 2012.