How far would you go to get your teenager to drink raw milk?

I came across this chain today in one of the yahoo group discussion boards I am a member of and felt compelled to repost it!  One of the community members posts:

“Which pasteurized milk is the best?”

I love raw, full-fat milk but my daughter will have none of it. Teenager. Don’t ask! She likes milk on her cereal.  I know, I know – ditto the above. Every time I go to buy milk for her I stand in the Whole Foods milk aisle totally flummoxed. Which is least bad of the organic brands? Does anybody know? And she doesn’t like the pasteurized but non-homogenized ones either.

She received this responses:

“I really like St Benoit, but you do have to shake it (just a little, it seems to blend really easily). It’s pasteurized but from Jersey cows fed on grass.

Will she consider a super mild goat’s milk? Summerhill Dairy (at Trader Joe’s) is actually quite good and not ultra-pasteurized.

But since she has that super-fussy teenager thing going on, probably neither will fill the bill. So whatever is not ultra-pasteurized, that’s the very worst of all. I think that the regular Whole Food house brand of milk is just pasteurized. I’ve seen some posts in blogs saying that the quarts of Organic Valley may just be pasteurized, even though the half gallons are ultra-pasteurized …”

Another response …

“For my 6  year old  godchild, I mix half raw with half almond – she loves it. I’ve also mixed raw milk with juice for her as a way to get her taste buds acclimated as well as her tummy to the healing effects of it. Cheers!”

The original poster writes,

“Half gallons of Organic Valley are ultra-pasteurized?! It doesn’t say that on the carton! Ugh! That’s what I’ve been buying most of the time  because it says on the carton the cows are grass fed (though no  indication how long they’ve been fed on grass). I don’t think she’ll like goat milk. She doesn’t like any kind of goat  cheese. I’ll take a look for St Benoit. Thanks for the suggestion.”  She follows up with …

“Unfortunately, unless it comes out of carton with labels on it, she won’t touch it. She was very put off by everything I used to bring home  from Rawesome. It’s not how I fed her during her growing up years, so it’ll take getting over the hump of teenagehood before she can open her mind to it.”

Next response …

“Buy the cheapest one. Pour it out. Fill the carton with raw milk and put it back in the fridge.”

Other community members respond:

“I love that idea!”

“I was going to suggest the same thing or was wondering if she can tell the difference in flavor and texture.”


Can you relate to this conundrum?  What would you do? 

Some of us are known to hide liver in the meatballs or meatloaf we serve to our families, some may even sneak in a raw egg yolk into their smoothies … is that the same as buying the cheapest carton of organic pasteurized milk, pouring it out, filling the carton with raw milk and putting it back in the fridge? Is it worth risking the trust we have with our children if we do?