5 Stars

I was delighted to discover that I was the first person to post a review on  Amazon for Sally Fallon Morell and Dr. Thomas Cowan’s book:

The Nourishing Traditions Book of Baby & Child Care

“I think this is a invaluable addition to Nourishing Traditions and The FourFold Path to Healing. I have awaited a comprehensive resource like this for some time. I have a sense that this book is an “all in one”. It not only teaches us how to nourish ourselves and our children, it covers strategies on how to heal our children from many childhood illnesses as well. What a gift to have several chapters of expert recommendations from Dr. Thomas Cowan on how to treat high fever, eczema, rashes and ear infections, to name only a few. The book covers a wide range of topics ranging from holistic treatments for morning sickness, an overview of child rearing philosophies through time, autism, toys, childproofing, attachment parenting, the serious business of play, story time, supporting a child’s developmental stages, toilet training and elimination communication, vaccinations, sex education, child spacing and birth control. It serves, in many respects, to answer frequently asked questions for how to raise a healthy, well adjusted child from before they are even conceived into adulthood. The book is more than a practical “how to” guide however. It also offers insight into the evolution of a child’s soul by illuminating the work of Rudolf Steiner in a chapter titled “From Birth to Adulthood.”

There are a recipes included, but this is not a recipe book. Nourishing Traditions has already covered recipes in depth. I like that there are resources throughout for further reading, and information on where to find the recommended products or therapeutics. I envision this would be an invaluable reference book in every parent’s home and plan to give it as a wedding and baby shower gift myself!

This book leaves me with the hope and belief that even in this modern era, it is still possible to nourish a child’s wide, radiant smile – both structurally and emotionally.”

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