We nourish them even before conception!

Wearing both my Nourishing Our Children Executive and Creative Director hats, I approached Heather Dessinger about her ebook, Nourished Baby, in order to see if she was open to a collaborative redesign in order to restructure the layout for greater clarity and consistency. I also wanted to increase the overall sense of aesthetic by editing some of the existing photographs and adding more to illustrate the content. I hoped to include her book as one of the educational materials we offer the community.

It was the first time since I launched our educational initiative in 2005 that I approached another author in this way. I thought Nourished Baby was a very complimentary addition to our materials, loved what I experienced as Heather’s very personable writing style and the fact that she wrote from first hand experience. Since we are a project of the San Francisco Chapter of The Weston A. Price Foundation, I asked Sally Fallon Morell, president of the Foundation, if she was comfortable with the notion that we would promote and offer Nourished Baby along with our materials.

She approved, and Heather and I embarked on creating the revised version of Nourished Baby which we launched at the 2012 Wise Traditions conference. It has not only been completely redesigned but, includes new content – mainly in the form of new recipes. It has been very well received! Some who already had the originally copy of Nourished Baby choose to donate to receive the new version.

I am incredibly proud of our collaborative effort. I think it is an invaluable addition to Nourishing Our Children’s educational materials and envision it will serve to be transformative for those who are new to the principles Heather recommends for how to nourish our babies. 

Heather’s ebook is offered on our website.

You’ll Learn

  • How the actual birth experience can affect what a child craves for life.
  • Why a 2004 study of North American women found that their breast milk did not meet the minimum requirements for many essential nutrients – and how to make sure your breast milk is nutrient dense.
  • How to understand what the foods you crave represent, and what to eat as a result.
  • Why you should skip rice cereal and what to substitute with.
  • What the latest research says on when to introduce certain foods.
  • Why some believe purees can lead to eat more than they need. When children’s “picky” habits can actually indicate a serious problem – and how to correct it.


  1. Baby Biology
  2. 101 Awesome Boob Facts | Breastfeeding
  3. Ready, Set, Now What?!
  4. Proceed with Caution – Foods to Limit or Avoid
  5. Beyond the Basics
  6. Raising an Adventurous Eater
  7. Afterward
  8. Frequently Asked Questions
  9. Excitotoxins and Extrusion
  10. Kitchen Equipment
  11. Recipes – Meat and Seafood
  12. Recipes – Veggie Sides
  13. Recipes – Fermented Foods
  14. Recipes – Nuts and Seeds
  15. Recipes – Custards, Cakes and More
  16. Recipes – Fruit and Smoothies
  17. Recipes – The Basics


Table of Contents and Introduction.pdf

Chapter 1.pdf

Sample Recipes.pdf



Nourished Baby has become one of those books in our home that I constantly reference. If it were a paperback, I can only assume that it would have the dark stains and bent cover like my copies of Real Food for Mother and Baby and Nourishing Traditions have. I’ve been asked more than once “Do I need to leave this open?” by my husband who has, yet again, found it on our desktop. Though there was lots of information that I knew, it was presented in a much more tangible language than many other sources out there. As we are in the process of healing my daughters and my gut, this book has played a big roll in our road to recovery, not only for the scientific knowledge, but for the recipes! This ebook is the perfect place to start for moms wanting more information on feeding their babies! – Mae Burke

This is an excellent book – readable, insightful, and most importantly, useful! Heather not only tells you the why but gives you the how to get your baby started on the path to good health. Her passion for health and good eating spills out of this book and into the kitchens of those who read it. The recipes will introduce you and your family to tasty, good-for-you dishes! Nourished Baby is a definite must have for every parent! – Margo

This is a great book for all parents, soon to be, new, or experienced. Lots of excellent information and delicious recipes. – Sasha

Again, Heather’s ebook is currently being offered here: