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30 E-Books for 39.00 – save over 90%

I have downloaded the entire Village Green Network’s Spring E–Book Bunndle, which includes own own ebook, and can highly, highly recommend it!  I’ve spent a couple of days reading a lot of very valuable information. It works out to 1.30 a book – what I would consider to be a bon fide bargain –>! The promotion ends April 23, 2013 so, act now!

You’ll Learn

  • How to nourish your babies and your children
  • How to teach your kids about real food
  • Lunch box nutrition
  • All about traditional fats
  • First steps – real food 101
  • Recipes of traditionally prepared, real foods
  • How to maximize your slow cooker
  • How to restock your pantry
  • How to make 150 smoothies
  • All about the Paleo diet
  • How to make non-toxic homemade products
  • How to treat eczema holistically and naturally
  • Diet recovery
  • How to nourish your metabolism
  • How to nourish your body with herbs
  • How to care for your skin
  • How to have a homestead no matter where you live

Learn Kitchen Basics

Nourishing Our Babies and Children

Nourishing Meals

Nourishing Our Sweet Tooth

Nourishing Our Home and Garden

Nourishing Our Skin

Nourishing Our Metabolism and Health

A 479.00 value! Save over 90%!! The promotion ends April 23, 2013 so, act now!