Birthday Candle Number 8

On June 11, 2005 I invited several community members involved in the San Francisco Chapter of the Weston A. Price Foundation, that I founded and lead at that time, for lunch in order to name our cause. It took us the entire afternoon to come up with the name and byline: – Nourishing Our Children: Timeless Principles for Supporting Learning, Behavior and Health Through Optimal Nutrition! The next day I purchased the domain, and when it became available in time, also purchased

The word “our” in our name was very intentional. We choose not to use the word “your” because we considered our collective role as we nourish our children. We also liked that the word “our” connotes community, a “we” – and we wanted to be a community supported cause.

Learn why I posted a photo of a beeswax candle in an article I published about candles.

The number 8

The number 8 laying on its side is the mathematical symbol for infinity. We hope that the principles we teach will continue to be taught indefinitely! In our 8 years, we’ve evolved from presenting to local Bay Area audiences with a 66 slide PowerPoint, to distributing our PowerPoint for others to teach with. The PowerPoint went from 66 to 107 to our current version at 308 slides – it takes about 1.5  to 2 hours to present. Since 2005, we’ve also created a study guide, audio book, DVD, E-book, and Food Pyramid Comparison Chart.  See our educational materials!

Our educational materials have reached the Philippines, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, Zambia, France, The United Kingdom, Ireland, Iceland, The Netherlands, Germany, Brazil, Chile and all over the United States and Canada. We have over 27,300 who follow us on Facebook.  We also have a private discussion group of over 840 members on Facebook that is quite active! We have had over 2,100 donors contribute to our case, some numerous times. Yet, we’ve distributed our educational materials as an appreciation gift to even more who donated via NaturalNews and The Farm-To-Consumer Legal Defense Fund.

Let us open some of the gifts!

In celebration of the community we’ve created, we will gift all of our newest 2012 educational materials to 8 people! We will include the Nourishing Our Children E-Book, the Nourished Baby E-Book, our PowerPoint, Study Guide, and Food Pyramid Comparison Chart, all designed for your own self-education and/or to teach others.  We would ask for a 100.00 donation for this bundle of materials but, will offer 8 bundles as a gift! See our educational materials!

Enter here in the comments in 2 steps:

  1. Let us know what it means to you to nourish your children and how our cause has contributed toward that end. Please write at least a paragraph of 4 sentences. 1 word answers, or less than a paragraph will not be considered. We seek communicative, thoughtful responses, which means, please take a moment to reflect on the question so we learn more about you and our role in your life!
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  • 1 entry per person will be considered only.  If you enter more than once, neither entry will be considered.
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  • 8 people will be randomly chosen on Friday, June 14, 2013 at 5:00P PDT.

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