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I love the fact that so many in our community have experience with a wide variety of healing modalities that they can share with us. Jodi Cohen is an example. She writes about her experience of healing herself and her children from a variety of symptoms with essential oils in the paragraphs to come. Meanwhile, I feel very blessed to have had many exchanges with her about some health challenges I’ve faced. I experienced her as sincerely supportive and caring in our interactions. She sent me 2 boxes of the Vibrant Blue Oils she offers so that I would be able to have first hand experience. She had a table at the Weston A. Price Foundation’s regional conference in Portland last September so, I felt assured that the Foundation was comfortable with her products since they vet each exhibitor. I was also drawn to the quality of the oils and the fact that they aren’t associated with a multi-level marketing scheme, which Sally Fallon Morell has asked those associated with the Foundation to avoid. I have decided to add Vibrant Blue Oils to our list of referral partners after having tried a number of their carefully crafted blends that are focused on healing our organs. See Vibrant Blue Oils free Beginner’s Guide to Essential Oils to get an overview.

An oil is essential in the sense that it carries a distinctive scent, or essence, of the plant.

I had had some limited experience with essential oils before I tried Vibrant Blue Oils. After a wounded toe nail developed fungus, it was completely healed with lemongrass essential oil. I had found the recommendation on Earth Clinic’s website. When I have had coughs or bronchitis-like symptoms, I have used drops of eucalyptus essential oil in a bowl of boiling water which I inhaled with a towel draped around my head and the bowl. I also use tea tree oil routinely when I encounter any blemishes.

While the Vibrant Blue Oils didn’t resolve the issues I faced as I took them, such as perimenopausal night sweats, I found the experience of smelling them and putting them on different parts of my body lifted my spirits just from the sheer enjoyment of the aromas. I experienced the oil blends I received as a lovely gift to my senses. I am getting some relief from night sweats via plant based hormonal therapeutics I take. They have already resolved the hot flashes I was experiencing during the day.

Jodi shared with me that many of her clients have immediate relief from what ails them with essential oils. I really hoped to have that experience for some gas I was experiencing fairly regularly after meals. I followed her recommenders but, didn’t experience any relief, even after several weeks. What helped was a consultation with Anne Fischer Silva, the nutritionist I work with, who recommended that I take Hydrochloric Acid toward the end of my meals. I did have immediate relief from that.

While the 2 issues I targeted these essential oils for most recently weren’t resolved by them, I would most definitely continue to experiment with the them because I’ve had some personal benefits in the past and I like to keep an open door to all healing modalities. I know many who report benefits.

Vibrant Blue Essential Oils

Internal Consumption

I know that there is a some controversy about whether or not to consume essential oils internally. During the time I was experimenting with Vibrant Blue Essential Oils, I attended a workshop held at the National College of Natural Medicine. The presenter, Amanda Lattin, is a trained chemist, teacher, herbalist and practicing aromatherapist. She doesn’t recommend the internal consumption of the oils. Neither does Jodi Cohen.

  • Topical Application – Apply directly on skin for almost immediate delivery through the circulatory system as well as for skin conditions, aches and pains, bruises, and wounds.  Feet, base of neck, behind ears and on wrists are well absorbed.  You can also apply directly to the organ in distress.
  • Inhalation – Simply, smell the oil directly from the bottle. You can also put a drop of oil on your pillow case before you retire or nap.
  • Internal Consumption – We do not recommend internal consumption of essential oils as we feel topical application is more effective, especially when digestion is impaired.  The sole exception is our Blood Sugar Balance blend which contains food based oils such as grapefruit, lemon, peppermint, cinnamon, celery and nutmeg.  Adding this oil to water can help curb cravings between meals.

Please read about Jodi’s personal experience of how essential oils transformed her and her children’d quality of life:

Jodi Cohen Family

Guest Author Jodi Cohen

Hello!  I’m Jodi Cohen.  I am a wife, mother and nutritional therapy practitioner and long-time donor and supporter of Nourishing Our Children and the Weston A. Price Foundation.  I frequently lecture on nutrition to parenting groups and always include the Nourishing Our Children educational materials.

I stumbled into essential oils out of a desperate effort to help manage my youngest child’s aggression, impulse control and focus issues.

While dietary changes made an impact, I still struggled to get him eat healthy foods and take supplements, blending them into smoothies he refused to drink, crushing them into applesauce he rarely would eat and searching for chewable versions that he could stomach. My search for alternatives lead me to essential oils, which seemed to fill in the missing piece of the puzzle for him (calming him and helping him focus) and also helped with my own depression and anxiety.

When friends initially suggested essential oils, I felt a little confused and overwhelmed by the sea of options – over 140 blends to choose from and the multi-level marketing format that many of them require.  I realized that while the oils held great potential for healing ourselves and our families, many people might not have the access to a great naturopath to help them find the appropriate oils for their specific condition.  I was blessed to have access to such a great naturopath along with a trusted supplier of organic, therapeutic grade essential oils and with these partners decided to test the waters by founding Vibrant Blue Oils, which include unique blends designed to put the organs and the body in balance so it can heal.  What follows is a bit about our oils and why I think these natural plant extracts allow for such profound healing.

How do they work?

Essential oils are basically plants. They are the natural, highly concentrated essences extracted from specific shrubs, flowers, grasses, fruits, bushes, seeds, roots, trees for their healing capabilities. There are many theories on why essential oils work, but the one that makes the most sense to me was presented by a medical doctor out of Dallas, named Jerry Tennant who hypothesized that the human body is like a computer. Our hardware is our structure and cells, produced from the food and nutrients we consume. Our software is the genetic code or frequency that differentiates different cells in the body to perform different functions, just as software code in a computer allows Excel and Word to perform different functions. Just like computer software programs get viruses, “viruses” in the form of cancer or autoimmunity can infect our cell software. Vibrant Blue Oils work to repair and reboot the bodies’ software code.

Many believe that humans and plants are bio-familiar and use the same software codes, called frequencies, with each plant having its own unique frequency much as you would perceive a unique color. Much like you can mix paint colors to match a wall, you can mix the frequencies of different plants through the use of their oils to match the frequency or code of a particular organ. This is what we are doing with the Vibrant Blue Oil blends – blending the frequencies of different plants to match the frequency of a healthy organ.

It has been our experience that smelling or topically applying these blends to an out-of-balance organ helps to bring the organ back into balance. Consider how you teach a child to ride a bike. You help the child feel the sense of balance in his own body by externally supporting them, balancing the bike and propelling them forward.  Once the child internalizes that sense of balance, they can take off on their own.  The oils provide a similar floatation-device like support, artificially keeping the organ in balance -repairing the code – until the body can remember how to maintain its own balance without the external support. That is one of the reasons we intentionally use only 5 ml bottles.  We believe the oils work quickly to shift organs and are not intended to use in perpetuity, just as you wouldn’t continue to take aspirin after the headache is gone.

Another benefit of the oils is that since they are applied topically, they work even when digestion is impaired. They are also great for children who often find it challenging to take supplements but often enjoy having oils rubbed on their feet or tummies. Finally, many supplements can be contra-indicated for pharmaceutical drugs, but topically applied oils do not seem to pose problems.

The oils that worked best for myself and my son were:

  • Calm – Amazing for calming energy and relaxing before bed or after a challenging day.
  • Rose – Completely alleviated my depression.  I would just rub a few drops on my heart and my mood would immediately lift.
  • Parasympathetic™ – Apply a little behind the ear lobe to drop into the parasympathetic rest and digest state before meals or anytime tension needs to be diffused.
  • Adrenal Balance™ – Helped me overcome my exhaustion and feelings of being overwhelmed.
  • Intestinal Mucosa – This healed my son’s leaky gut like nothing else.  A great addition to add to an elimination diet like GAPS™

Free Shipping

Jodi would like to offer our community free shipping on any of the essential oils she offers. Please use the coupon code nourish when you check out at the Vibrant Blue Oil website.

Have you experienced healing with essential oils? Please share in the comments.

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