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As a community we don’t have a children’s book … yet.

So I have partnered with Mohammad Naser, a 3D Modeler and Illustrator,  to create The Adventures of Andrew Price.

This book is being created by popular request from community members who hope to have such a book to read to their children, and to have their children read themselves.

Join Andrew Price, the great, great nephew of Dr. Weston A. Price, the dentist, as he delivers a “show and tell” to his classroom. He will recount the travels that his great uncle took to Switzerland, Alaska and Africa. As the narrator, he will teach those who are reading the book about the nutritional principles that support optimal health.

This is a story about an adventurous child teaching children about traditionally prepared, real foods with humor and art.

View a sneak peek and behind the scenes of the book.

We seek your support to complete this book.

This is a community supported book. Our plan is to create the children’s book as a hard copy, an e-book, an audio book, and eventually an animated story. That is why the character and scences have been created as 3D models. Once we receive the financial support we need to complete the book, we will notify our supporters of an estimated timeline.

We are offering all of the Nourishing Our Children’s educational materials at a greatly reduced price to those who support our book in progress!

If you have ever had an interest in our materials – this is the time to order them.

What do you want your children to know as you read them this story or as they read it to themselves?!


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