There are some who have expressed doubt about my integrity or my capacity to think for myself because I have personal and professional connections with Green Pasture Products and The Weston A. Price Foundation, both of whom are currently being scrutinized due to a recent report published by Dr. Kaayla T. Daniel. It has been suggested that financial gain has clouded my perspective and I might not be seeing straight.

For those who want a quick answer: I wouldn’t hesitate to part ways with both the Foundation and the Wetzels, who own Green Pasture Products, if I thought that they had purposefully deceived the public or allowed an unsafe product to continue to be sold for their own personal gain. If I thought the products were unsafe or that I had made an error in recommending them, I would share that wide and far. People who know me well, and even not so well, will certainly attest to the fact that I am a fairly strong willed individual who isn’t afraid to assert herself.

Could all parities involved, including myself, have done things differently or for a lack of another word, better? Yes, I think so. I can say that about myself in virtually every circumstance. I would often enjoy a do-over. Despite the concerns raised in Dr. Daniel’s report however, I have not concluded that I am being duped as a friend, a colleague or a customer. Green Pasture Products and the Foundation will post their more in-depth statements, and like many others, I look forward to greater clarification.

What is your association?

I have had a long association with the Foundation and Green Pasture Products. I was introduced to Green Pasture Products in 2004, before fermented cod liver oil was produced. My association began when I founded the Weston A. Price Foundation’s San Francisco chapter in 2004 and led it for about 1 year.  In November of 2014, I was named to the  Foundation’s honorary board. I currently serve as the co-chapter leader in Portland and have for almost one year now.  I am the executive and creative director of Nourishing Our Children, which is directly connected to the Weston A. Price Foundation. They serve as our non-profit fiscal sponsor. I know the Wetzels both personally and professionally. We’ve hosted David Wetzel for a series of talks he gave to our chapters in the Bay Area. I’ve visited their home and facility in Nebraska for about a week.

I have a visual communication business and Green Pasture Products has hired me on a handful of occasions over the years as a photographer and designer. So has Sally Fallon Morell, and many other clients, of course.

To answer some questions …

Have I benefited from my association with Green Pasture Products, Sally Fallon Morell and The Weston A. Price Foundation? Yes. Most definitely. Both personally and professionally.

Have I been influenced by the long association with both parties? Yes, of course. These are not strangers to me … far from it. I don’t believe them to be con artists, and one of the reasons is because I have gotten to know them over many, many interactions over the course of more than 10 years.

Someone, who identified themselves as “Complete Disclosure” but won’t reveal their name … no, the irony is not lost … writes to me: “Many are aware that Nourishing Our Children has received significant donations from Green Pastures and were integral in the foundation of that organization. Perhaps your judgement has been clouded like Sally Fallon’s with regard to this particular product?”

It is not true that Green Pasture Products was instrumental to me establishing Nourishing Our Children.

I established Nourishing Our Children in June of 2005. The first donation we received from the Wetzel’s was in 2011. They’ve donated once a year since 2011. The first time they donated 2,500. They have subsequently donated 5,000 each year. We’ve used the funds in various ways every year depending on our needs at the time. One year we purchased an LCD projector to display our PowerPoint which we’ve presented for free as a gift to the community. We’ve also used the funds to help pay for us to exhibit at the Wise Traditions conferences … airfare, hotel, and such. The checks are not company checks, they are written from the Wetzels themselves. We’ve received a total of $17,500 from them out of just over $280,000 in donations we’ve received in about 10 years. My mother has contributed 75,000 to put their contributions in persepctive. The Wetzel’s donation is less than 6.3% of the contributions we’ve earned to date.

The Weston A. Price Foundation has donated to Nourishing Our Children 5 times. 2 times for large bundles of Nourishing Our Children DVDs that they used for their own fundraising effort at conferences, once to fund a giveaway of 36 DVDs to our community members who put our DVD on their wish list and twice to support our operational costs. The total donations have come to $5,528.80 … including an express shipping reimbursement.

Sally Fallon Morell of New Trends Publishing has donated twice. Once to help fund our website creation, as did many other community members, and once to support the creation of the DVD I launched in 2010. Her total contributions to Nourishing Our Children have been $1,250.00.

Keep in mind that we’ve had some 3,000 other donors since 2005. Are we dependent on the donations we’ve received from Green Pasture Products, the Weston A. Price Foundation or New Trends Publishing to sustain us? No. Would we survive without those donations? Yes. If Nourishing Our Children was to become an unsustainable venture, I would simply discontinue. I don’t need to led Nourishing Our Children to support myself. A lot of my time investment is voluntary anyway.

If folks want to discount my opinion or my perspective because they think I’ve been paid off, that is their prerogative.

I know without question that I cannot be bought. I am my own person and I draw my own conclusions.