One of the most frequently asked questions I see posted in our Facebook group relates to inquires about healthy recipes for baby’s first birthday cake.

We don’t recommend that grains be introduced that early, or sugar or chocolate … really at any age, so what is a parent to do?!

Recommendations from our community members:

  • “I made a coconut flour hummingbird cake. And a cream cheese frosting sweetened with maple syrup.”
  • “I made these coconut flour cupcakes for my sons and the other kids at their 1st birthday parties. But I subbed sucanat and maple syrup for the agave/honey and coconut oil for the grapeseed/palm shortening. They were a big hit.”
  • No cake just a bowl of raw whipped cream and berries.”
  • I used Modern Alternative Mama’s white bean cake recipe for my middle child’s 1st birthday. My 1st and 3rd children didn’t even get cakes. Oops!”
  • I made a watermelon cake for my daughter who was born in July. Just carved the watermelon and added fruit cut outs, blueberries, etc to decorate. So much fun to watch them eat and easy.”
  • I put some raw Greek yogurt with a birthday candle in it in a silicone baking cup and froze it. I also did one without the candle for my daughter to eat right away. Let it sit out a bit before you’re ready to use it. We got the cute messy baby pics and she had a blast licking the frozen yogurt.”
  • “I made a cacao quinao cake but looking back I would definitely substitute with carob powder. Big mistake giving chocolate anything to a 1 year old.” We actually recommend that one avoid chocolate.
  • “Use 1/4 cup of coconut flour and 2 eggs to substitute for 1 cup flour.”

A note about honey and egg whites:

According to Jill Allbitron’s article Nourishing a Growing Baby, the recommendation is to avoid giving babies honey up to 1 year because infants do not produce strong enough stomach acid to deactivate potential spores. Use blackstrap molasses, which is high in iron and calcium. Egg whites should also be avoided up to one year due to their high allergenic potential.


Via our Amazon affiliation:

While this isn’t an ingredient, I’d love to recommend the Happy Birthday, Baby [Dr. Seuss Nursery Collection] book.

What would you recommend that we add to our list?


Click on the photograph of Max’s Smash Cake to see the source.