This book is touching my heart! It is pictured here on my coffee table, as has become a tradition with my book posts!

As some of you already know, I lead Nourishing Our Children and Nourishing Ourselves, and created the Nourished Book Club that is reading this book now! We are discussing Human Heart, Cosmic Heart on Facebook as a group. The author, Dr. Thomas Cowan, MD has offered to answer our questions once a week. I was intrigued by the title alone and knew I wanted to read the book! I heard Dr. Cowan speak about the book at the Wise Traditions annual conference last month in 2 sessions and subsequently proposed that we read it in our book club. Happily, our members agreed. Having known Tom for some 12 years now, I am really enjoying learning more about him. I really like his writing style, which feels very personal to me. I can hear him speaking as I read! I have not yet finished the book, and will come back to add on to this review, however I wanted to encourage folks to pick it up! So far, I am loving the integration of the physical heart and the emotional and spiritual heart, and based on what my fellow readers are sharing, I am not alone!

Here are some comments from fellow readers just as we started last week:

Jay writes, “I’m already half way through the book. It’s too interesting to put down.”

Sean writes, “Holy Smokes! What an awesome book this is. I Caught up to you all last night and even read chapter 2 twice over … then I cheated and quickly read Chapter 3 … First, it’s so nice to see him discuss Rudolph Steiner. My wife and I had a crash course in Steiner educational philosophy when we enrolled our 8 yo into a Waldorf school this year. I can tell you right now we will never go back to public school now. I enjoyed the botany description of tree xylem (I am an amateur botanist) and the agricultural cross reference (I am also an urban farmer) and am already somewhat familiar with the concept of vortex’s as applied to fertilization and nutrient deliver.”

Table of Contents

  1. Doubting Thomas
  2. Circulation
  3. The Misery Index
  4. The Geometry of the Heart
  5. Defining the Questions
  6. What Doesn’t Cause Heart Attacks
  7. What Does Cause Heart Attacks
  8. Stepping Forth
  9. Treating the Heart
  10. The Cosmic Heart
  11. A Heart of Gold
  12. What’s Love Got to Do with It?

Appendix A: The Cowan Heart Diet
Appendix B: Preventing and Treating Angina, Unstable Angina, and Heart Attacks
Appendix C: Cholesterol and How to Read a Lipid Profile

I think this passage from page 9 will give you a sense of Human Heart, Cosmic Heart:

There are profound mysteries in even this simple description of circulation. Although they aren’t etymologically connected, the words arteries (ars, or Mars) and veins (Venus) suggest a cosmic or not-of-the-earth connection. And the heart—which people have, for millennia, associated with the sun—lies between these archetypal male and female principles. Each half of the circulation has an archetypal disease pattern: The arteries are the location where hypertension, a predominantly male disease, plays out. The veins are prone to varicose veins, a predominantly female disease.

Here is a sneak peak of one of the principles behind the Cowan Heart Diet:

We must acknowledge in a treatise on diet that eating is one of life’s inherent joys. Any diet that takes the joy of eating away from you is suspect at best and dangerous at worst. Eating must remain a joyful and social experience, not a clinical and
mechanical process, and everyone must ultimately find their own diet for themselves.

It is not too late to join us as we read and discuss in our book club. We only stated a week ago, and read slowly! The book is available as a hard copy, e-book and audio book, and audio CD.


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