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My friend and colleague Rachel Yellin of Yes To Birth is producing a free online series called the Yes To Birth Experience focused on how to have a healthier, less painful, empowering, satisfying pregnancy and birth whether at home, a birthing center or in a hospital. I have known Rachel for at least 10 years and feel fortunate to have witnessed Rachel’s childbirth and yoga classes first hand in San Francisco through the lens of a photographer hired to capture the process. I have also listened to her audio relaxation program, which I highly recommend. Rachel has been a long time supporter of Nourishing Our Children and has referred a number of her students to our educational materials. When she approached me to be one of the 34 speakers in this series, I was happy to contribute to what I would describe as an advanced birth education training!

Rachel interviewed me via video conferencing for this series that will be starting on November 11 and will run for about 1 month. Each interview will be about 30 minutes. Sign up now to be notified about how to view the series for free! On November 19, I will be covering some background information on Dr. Price’s research and summarizing our dietary recommendations and how to implement them. Since the video was not yet edited when I wrote this blog post, I am included an audio only sneak peak of my interview whereby I shared a testimonial from our Nourished Family series A Tale of Two Brothers:

What are the characteristics of a healthy baby?

Sally Fallon Morell of the Weston A. Price Foundation was also interviewed for a segment of her own that will air on November 27 and will be covering topics from her Nourishing Traditions of Baby & Childcare book. Hear a sneak peak of Sally’s interview whereby she answers the question, “what are the characteristics of a healthy baby?”

While many of you will be familiar with what Sally and I present in our interviews, I am anticipating we’ll all learn a fair amount of new content from the other speakers. See the list of speakers and read our bios once you sign up for the series, which is free!