A little girl in a medical mask. Coronavirus quarantine

I live in Portland, Oregon and as such the information I am about to share is particularly relevant to me. Yet, the question posed in the title is relevant to all of us. Who is advising our politicians and where are they getting the information that serves as the basis of public policy?

Today Sally Fallon Morell, President of the Weston A. Price Foundation, sent me the content that I used as the foundation of the article that follows. I dropped everything to write it because I thought this information was so important to publicize!

Who is advising our Governor?

Quite simply, Oregon Governor Kate Brown is being advised by companies funded by Bill Gates and patent lawyers. You may know Bill Gates as the co-founder of Microsoft that made him billions, and for his global advocacy and funding of genetically modified organisms and vaccination. A program that has killed more children in Africa than the diseases it was intended to save them from.

The so-called experts who issued the latest projections of disease trajectory in Oregon are from The Institute or Disease Modeling in Bellevue, Washington. The projections are based on computer models. They claim the aggressive interventions [their term] prevented the spread and flattened the curve, or else we’d have almost 4 times as many cases, and health care systems would be overburdened. The Institute for Disease Modeling is where the Governor got her graph projecting a spike in hospitalizations if we shift to moderate interventions instead of maintaining the aggressive interventions we endure now, and is where she appears to be getting her main advice.

Who funds the Institute for Disease Modeling?

The Institute for Disease Modeling gets most its funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. IDM is an organization within the Global Good Fund, which is entirely funded by Gates.

Global Good invents technology to solve some of humanity’s most daunting problems. We do this by collaborating with leading humanitarian organizations, forward-looking governments, research institutions, and corporate and private sector partners that bring our inventions to market.

The document which informs the Governor’s Executive Orders locking down Oregon is titled COVID-19 intervention effectiveness and epidemic trends for Oregon: a model-based analysis. The IDM logo is at the bottom of every page. They assertion is that: “At this stage, any relaxation of the current aggressive control measures is likely to result in epidemic resurgence.” IDM’s recommendations include “the urgent need for enormously increased testing capacity, detailed contact tracing … and likely the quarantining of infected individuals away from households …” IDM does “acknowledge how strong the impacts of these measures will be across society, especially for low-income families and other vulnerable populations, and we hope Oregon will also act to mitigate the largest societal costs.”

The Authors

The following are listed as the authors of the document referenced above: Cliff Kerr, Brittany Hagedorn, Dina Mistry, Daniel Klein. Except for Mistry, these are also listed as the authors of a document informing and advising in Washington state. Another co-author of that document, Hao Hu, is listed as representing the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and according to Linkedin is “Interim Senior Program Officer at Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Greater Seattle Area Philanthropy.” The authors of the primary document advising Oregon’s Governor are all closely tied to research and projects financed by Bill Gates.

Funding From Patent Lawyers

The other corporation that collaborates with Gates on the Institute for Disease Modeling is Intellectual Ventures

Intellectual Ventures is an American private company that centers on the development and licensing of intellectual property. Intellectual Ventures is one of the top-five owners of U.S. patents, as of 2011. Its business model has a focus on buying patents and aggregating them into a large patent portfolio and licensing these patents to third parties.

Global Good is so intertwined with Intellectual Ventures that their logo says underneath “Ideas by Intellectual Ventures.”

The co-founders of the Institute for Disease Modeling are Bill Gates, who has declared that “normalcy only returns when we’ve largely vaccinated the entire world population,” and patent lawyers, corporate CEO’s and tech spin off executives at Intellectual Ventures. These are the experts from whom Governor Brown is getting her advice as she sets public policy during her declared state of emergency in Oregon. Their paper which informs Brown in her remarks and presentation is now being exposed for multiple conflicts of interest and control by Bill Gates and his associates.


Six of the nine references listed on page 10 of the final page of the document, used by IDM personnel for their modeling, come from China. Are these trusted sources? Could it be that the document that is serving as the basis of public policy is perhaps more about disease fear mongering than disease modeling?

How is this relevant to how we nourish our children?

From our inception we have advocated for medical freedom. We actively educate on the risks of vaccinations so people can give their informed consent if they agree to have their children or themselves injected. Through our lens, Bill Gates’ assertion that “normalcy only returns when we’ve largely vaccinated the entire world population,” sounds like a threat. Learn more about our serious concerns about Bill Gates’ vision for the world from these articles written by Robert F. Kennedy Jr and his team at the Children’s Health Defense. The Weston A. Price Foundation serves as a coalition partner for this non-profit organization we wholeheartedly support.