Think globally, act locally.

With the support of a few community members, I compiled this list of health and medical freedom groups because I couldn’t find one that had already been created. What I’ve learned when I served as one of the chapter leaders for Oregonians for Medical Freedom, is that grass roots efforts can definitely be effective. We were successful in ensuring the vaccines exemptions remained intact with the critical support of legislatives who shared our perspective.

Many of us in the Nourishing Our Children community seek to maintain the option to opt out of mandatory vaccinations, especially with what I’d describe as a threat stated by a number of governors that life won’t return to normal until there is a vaccine for the coronavirus currently blamed for the illness and death we’ve seen. We don’t know exactly what efforts are taking place within the organizations listed, or if mandated masks, tests, contact tracing and the like will also become areas of focus, however we encourage you to reach out to them. What can you do? Write letters and emails, sign petitions, make phone calls, attend rallies, give a testimonial at committee hearings, and schedule private meetings with legislators. This can have the desired impact on the evolution of bills being proposed. While advocates in California haven’t been successful, yet, in maintaining the medical freedom they hoped for, I think it is worth all the effort involved.

I do believe that there is strength in numbers. Find the health and medical freedom group near you, as well as other resources on the list linked to! Watch this video created by Del Bigtree of The HighWire to illustrate what medical freedom advocacy looks like!

Update: The HighWire had been removed from YouTube and as such the video linked to above can’t be seen on their platform. This is the reason we’re advocating for medical freedom, folks!

Have you already gotten involved? If so, let us know about your experience in the comments!