One of our community members, Eva Spitzer, shared this testimonial with us today!

I wanted to take a few minutes to give a testimonial on how wonderfully following the diet principles have worked with my daughter. I followed the diet for pregnant and nursing mothers, slowly adopting the wise traditions way of eating over 5 years before getting pregnant. My daughter was born without any complications. She has a wider face and nose than anyone else in the family. She’s the happiest baby I’ve ever met.

Everyone comments how smiley she is. Popular baby books have been useless because they focus on soothing an inconsolable baby, and she doesn’t do that. She sleeps well and only wakes to feed. Her eyesight is better than the books say it should be. She started talking at two months old. When she gets a cold, her only symptom is sleeping a bit more. She’s easy to nurse. The doctor was shocked when she gained a whole pound between one and two weeks old. When the doctor asks if I have any health concerns about her, I say no. Thank you Sandrine Perez and everyone who works to share the wise traditions diet. If you’re new to the diet and struggling with it, know that it will definitely be worth it. My husband and I have also found better health from the dietary changes.

This really warmed my heart to read. I definitely see a very round face; much more circular than oval, which will likely allow enough room for her 32 teeth to come in uninstructed. I’ll be curious to see how Claira develops over time on a nutrient dense diet!

Please let us know how our dietary recommendations have benefited you and yours!